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About Joystik

The last few years have made us all too aware of how stress can impact our lives. We lose sleep, can’t focus, don’t use our best judgment with decision making, don’t perform the way we want to with sports or hobbies or school or work,  and perhaps create strain in our relationships. No matter how we experience stress, many of us end up at the same point: we regret not being “our best self” and ultimately lose out on experiencing joy in our life.


While there are more and more solutions emerging that claim to decrease stress (especially in the meditation space), those solutions aren’t sticking. In fact, an estimated 86% of people who tried meditation don’t go on to become regular practitioners.


Joystik offers a mind-body medicine technique that is more engaging, simpler and more powerful than what is already available. Our unique solution uses an evidence-based technique and enhances it to provide more value in your life and give you a powerful, on demand tool. We understand that no matter how great a solution is, if it isn’t simple and engaging enough to make part of your daily routine, then it isn’t enough. Period. 


We want to help you realize the control you have over your stress response.  In an age where everyone is talking about the best tech, we’ve forgotten about the most powerful equipment there is, you!  We teach you the tools you need to be your own “controller,” enabling you to connect and harness the power of your mind and body.

  • What is Autogenics?
    Autogenics is a unique and evidence-based mind-body medicine technique that creates a relaxation response in the body. A relaxation response is the opposite of the fight or flight response. During a relaxation response, heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing all go down, while a feeling of calm goes up. Autogenics was developed to target the physical expression of stress by using a series of phrases to gain a level of control over these processes. Over the years it has advanced from a relaxation technique to a tool that optimizes performance, health and well-being. NASA and Olympic athletes harnessed autogenics to perform at their best. Autogenics takes you through a series of systematic mental exercises that target specific physiological reactions in the brain and body . Through the power of self-suggestion you are taught how to consciously and intentionally control your Autonomic Nervous System.
  • Is Autogenics evidence-based and well researched?
    Yes! Based on decades of research and clinical studies, Autogenics is one of the more well researched and evidence-based mind-body medicine techniques. Research has shown Autogenics to improve physical and emotional well-being, and even skin appearance.
  • Is Autogenics safe?
    Yes! Autogenics has been proven to be a safe technique for ages 5 and up.
  • What is Classical Conditioning?
    Classical Conditioning is a scientifically validated learning of association between two previously unrelated stimuli to change behavior (Pavlov). Pavlov proved this by ringing a bell when a dog was given its food. At first, the dog salivated because it was about to eat, but over time, just the sound of the bell caused the dog to salivate, even when no food showed up. This effect is known as conditioning and we use it here to make your training more powerful. Don’t worry, we won’t make you salivate!
  • How does Classical Conditioning make our Power Up feature work?
    With Classical Conditioning, we will train your brain to learn that a session of Joystik causes you to feel almost immediately calmer. This will give you superpowers to use with our on-demand benefit; just hit the button for the Power Up Meter. The Power Up gives you the ability to de-stress, focus, feel calmer, and improve performance in under 10 seconds! We want to put your training to work for you because let’s face it, we’ve all had life throw us curve balls and sometimes you don’t even have time to perform a simple breathing technique.
  • What is Passive Concentration?
    This is one of the most unique components of Autogenics. Passive Concentration means not thinking about what you are saying too much. For instance, in the training when we mention “your arm is heavy”, you’re not supposed to think about your arm being heavy…let your brain do what it will. Your arm might feel heavy, light, numb, cold, or no different at all. Whatever you feel is ok and your training is still working.

Training FAQs

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